Mirabai - The Musical

Saint Mirabai has been an inspiration through countless generations all over India. The styles of east and west blend together in this unique new musical about the incredible life of the divine singing-poet princess.

Music and Lyrics by Katie Norris…

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Peace and Harmony Day VIDEO

              Some amazing kids performed a song I wrote for International Day of Peace 2014 at the Self-Realization Fellowship Hollywood Temple in front of a lovely audience. An incredible thanks to the amazing participation of everyone involved! And special thanks to…Read more

The Evolution Project

              In exactly one month I will be sharing the stage with a whole bunch of incredible artists!! :)  It's a real dream come true to work with everyone, and it's so wonderful we're all coming together in support of peaceRead more

NEW Musical - "All For a Rag"

Ta Dah! :)  Katie the busy bee finally presents - The musical that I have written all the music for!! The story is based off a beautiful ancient tale from India, and I am honored to have been such a…Read more

Can't Stop :)

Music keeps falling out of my arms 
And I can't seem to keep it collected in
Invisible notes and words are dancing down 
my feet again

There's too much to hold still
Too many to hold in 
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Our Lunar Eclipse

This lunar eclipse 
Like a midnight sunset 
Mixing the dawn with the dead of the night 
Burning the moon 
With crimson and passion 
Like the beauty of magic 
That's predicted by light.

The universe is moments like these
When everyone…Read more

Happy Birthday, Gregorian Calendar!!

Our Millenium is a full on teenager now! 21st century has just turned a scary 14 years old. Humanity is heading into freshman year of high school and we are all excited and nervous and awkward and freshly confident. But…Read more