"Make Like a Tree"       AVAILABLE NOW 

1. Cleaning House
2. How Did You Find Me
3. Don't Go 
4. Plastic Girl
5. In My Sleep
6. Broke The Ice
7. Cleaning House (Automatic Remix)

"Mirabai: A Musical Inspired by the Life of a Saint" - DVD

The beloved story of Mirabai, the renowned saint of Ancient India, is retold in this musical blending eastern and western influenced genres. Her childhood love for the Divine in the form of Krishna is the open door for her incredible journey. After becoming a Rajput princess, Mira received the royal suffix, “Bai” to her name; her new status making her an unorthodox visitor amongst the lower castes and poor holy men.  

Her free spirit and untamed devotion created quite a stir amongst the stringent family traditions of the time and blurred the lines of political affairs leading her face-to-face with criticism, hostility, and attempts on her life. Holding on to her Krishna, she gives her life to Love, as miracles begin to happen in this powerful story of strength, devotion, and the only indispensable, Love.  

We are pleased to announce that this DVD of the highly acclaimed Self-Realization Fellowship Hollywood Temple India Night Musical, "Mirabai", is now available from Supreme Swan

"Mirabai" The Musical - Original Cast Recording - CD

Saint Mirabai has been an inspiration through countless generations all over India. The styles of east and west blend together in this unique new musical about the incredible life of the divine singing-poet princess.