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Peace and Harmony Day VIDEO  

Some amazing kids performed a song I wrote for International Day of Peace 2014 at the Self-Realization Fellowship Hollywood Temple in front of a lovely audience. An incredible thanks to the amazing participation of everyone involved! And special thanks to Gunjan Virk for creating this super sweet little video for the song. 

Here is the page where the video can be viewed:  
Peace and Harmony Day 




The Evolution Project 

              In exactly one month I will be sharing the stage with a whole bunch of incredible artists!! :)  It's a real dream come true to work with everyone, and it's so wonderful we're all coming together in support of peace around the world. Sept. 21st is recognized by the U.N. as the International Day of Peace. Vibrations of love and harmony will surely be at a beautiful high everywhere. And I am thrilled to be performing some of my own new songs as part of the celebration. 

Please come out and enjoy this special musical evening with us. 

Love always, 


NEW Musical - "All For a Rag"  

Ta Dah! :)  Katie the busy bee finally presents - The musical that I have written all the music for!! The story is based off a beautiful ancient tale from India, and I am honored to have been such a big part of this. It's a musical story aimed to inspire and lift spirits, with a wonderful cast. If you're in L.A. first or second week of June 2014, I welcome you to come to a performance. 
For tickets call: (323) 661-8006