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Can't Stop :)  

Music keeps falling out of my arms 
And I can't seem to keep it collected in
Invisible notes and words are dancing down 
my feet again

There's too much to hold still
Too many to hold in 
Don't know why I'm even tryin'
Cause this is just the overflow of the beacon.

Our Lunar Eclipse  

This lunar eclipse 
Like a midnight sunset 
Mixing the dawn with the dead of the night 
Burning the moon 
With crimson and passion 
Like the beauty of magic 
That's predicted by light.

The universe is moments like these
When everyone stops 
just to sit in the darkness
And all look together at once special thing
For which we cannot touch 
But we know to believe.

How far we've all come 
And oh how far we will go
Cause we'll always come back together 
To watch something glow. 

- Love you all,

"Lines" - a line of thought by Katie Norris 

Lines of velvet ropes marking the 
Lines of red carpet 
Which is laid out for the line to get in at the door.
That is if you're name is lined on the list
If you're lucky or pretty or rich or pop-ular. 

You make it inside and get in line for a drink,
In line for the bathroom, in line for the sink. 
The girls tell drooling boys to "get in line, I'm taken tonight". 
Guys keep girls on the line while they look for another
whomever's in sight
They're all in lines doing lines on their mirrors on the marble
until all their words are garbled
to forget or pass the time. 

All the while they starve
Starve for truth 
Starve for food
Starve for strength 
to change their own day

What a scene of the show
The life game that we play 
There's beauty in its madness
There's joy deep in this sadness
Change always comes
The waves always rise
The sea bubbles melt and easily subside
The sun always sets
The mountains fall and climb
No matter whatever we see with our eyes
The Light of the soul never dies.

How funny I feel as I gaze through the lasers, 
the screaming, the bass, the dancers; 
the maze getting thicker. 
Cause only a week before 
The very same cement 
now cloaked in red carpet, lined with velvet and gold, 
guarded by muscle, and harboring dope
Was treaded upon by my own sneakered feet
On my way to the store for a vegetable treat. 
It was just another day
The same as before
Until the night I couldn't pass through
And they all lined up at the door.